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7th Annual Castle

Star Wars Party Review

It was a packed house at The Castle Star Wars Party: May The 4th Be With You Saturday evening with beings from all across the galaxy.
The event was hosted by Supreme Leader BillY of Hell On Earth. He began the night with a heartfelt moment of silence for brilliant actor Peter Mayhew who portrayed Chewbacca in most of the Star Wars films and had passed earlier in the week. In the spirit of all things Chewie, an apparition of the Mighty Wookie appeared before the delighted crowd following their Wookie Roar homage to him.  

Afterward BillY oversaw the Wookiee Howl-Off Contest where non-worthy howl contestants were cast into the Sarlacc Pit and winners were showered with a Jabba's Palace worth of gifts.
A special performance by Darth Bondage was enjoyed by all as he gave an extra naughty Sith a proper flogging using his Dual Light Floggers.
From the Emperor's Observation Tower DJ Tom Gold's high-energy mix compelled everyone to Goth Out With Their Hoth Out on the dance floor all night long, as did the other DJ's. 
Photo by Elejandro DeMayhem & Mayhem Magazine. 
Then it was time for the main event.
BillY seduced the crowd with the Dark Side of The Force while he MC'd the Star Wars Costume Contest. With the audience's help, they decided which costumes were "Goood-dah!" BillY directed Non-Winners off the stage to the Spice Mine of Kessel then awarded the winning contestants with a Canto Bight casino jackpot of prizes. 
Photo by Elejandro DeMayhem & Mayhem Magazine. 
Photo by Elejandro DeMayhem & Mayhem Magazine. 
The music, entertainment, costumes, drinks, and venue were all out of this world which helped everyone in attendance fulfill their destiny in having an amazing night that will be long remembered.

Until next year's Castle Star Wars Party ...May The Force Be With You! 


Star Wars Party

The 7th Annual Castle Star Wars Party is
Sat. May 4, 2019 with HELL ON EARTH's BillY. Click here for details on how you may "Join Us". 

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